Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrate 375 Christmas Ornaments on Sale Now

Celebrate 375 Christmas ornaments are available for purchase from Hallmark Stores throughout St. Mary's County and from Cecil's Country Store in Great Mills!  The ornaments are made from 24 Karat gold flashed brass and feature a three-dimensional version of the Celebrate 375 logo.

Proceeds from the sale of the ornaments will be used to support children and young adults who serve their campuses and our community in K-Kids Clubs, Builders Clubs, Key Clubs and CKI Clubs in St. Mary's County, which are all sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary's County.
For more information, contact the Glynnis Schmidt, President of the Kiwanis Club of St. Mary's County, at 301-475-4321 or
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